How to Start Ice Cream Company in India – Low Investment

Ice Cream Company starting guide – Learn how to setup business,investment,cost and more.

How to Start Ice Cream Company in India - Business Registration

Ice cream making business is a very profitable business. Any entrepreneur can start it on a small scale and make it a means main earning source.If you don’t have much resources and investment capability,you can open other branded ice cream franchise like Gianis ice cream Franchise, Amul etc.Ice cream is a food made from a mixture of different foods. Butter, cream, milk, eggs, fruits, etc. It is not necessary to mix eggs, fruits always, entrepreneur can perform ice cream making process without fruits. A good and quality ice cream contains 10% milk, and 20% milk solids such as butter, cream, etc. and the rest of the Flavoring material, sugar to sweeten, fruits for fragrance or essence of flowers, etc.

What is Ice Cream ?

We can define that ice cream is produced after frozen using a special technique by mixing milk, cream sugar and other ingredients. Ice cream has been used since about 100 years ago. But it has been mostly used since refrigerator started to be used. Ice cream can also be called a semi-frozen dessert containing milk, settling and aromatic substances.

Ice cream Business Scope in India

According to one data, the per capita ice cream consumption in India is about 200 ml as compared to advanced countries. While internationally the figure is 2 ltrs per capita. It clearly indicates that India has ten times more scope in this ice cream making business compared to other countries. Ice cream is consumed in cities,rural areas in various events, events such as wedding ceremonies, birthday party, wedding anniversary, etc. However entrepreneurs associated with this Ice cream Making business do not face much challenges on in the summer season. The rainy season may face a little challenges, but it would be better if production remained closed in winter.

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Required registration for starting Ice cream Company

In order to start ice cream making business, the entrepreneur needs to decide the ownership pattern for his business. Register it according to the rules of registrar of companies. If the person is thinking of registering a private limited company, they have to go with registration process. In addition, the entrepreneur may also need trade license, Tax Registration and FSSAI license. The entrepreneur must also approach the District Industries Centre located in his area to know the whole process of starting a business,.

Raw Materials required for making ice cream

Although various ingredients and recipes are used to make ice cream, Raw Material can be transferred based on recipe and types of ice cream. But the list of raw materials mainly used in the ice cream making business is as follows.

  • Milk
  • Cream
  • Butter/Butter fat
  • Milk powder
  • Stebliser such as guar gum/gum Moth Pod Glue/Glue Ethyl cellulose etc.
  • Essence/Essence Flavour .

Machinery required for Ice cream company

The production section of an ice cream industry can be divided into two parts. In condensing section and freezing section. Condensing section where heavy duty condensing machine is associated, the work is carried out to cooling section where freezing machine and storage cabinet installed. In addition, the entrepreneur may also need some small coarse devices like Expansion Vulb and Copper Tube etc. for ice cream making business. Condensing unit can be operated from a motor powered by electricity and can also be run with petrol etc.

The perfect place for ice cream making business

Before starting your ice cream business, you have to choose a good place because it is very important to have a right place for business. Keep in mind that water and electricity should be arranged at that place and should be in a place where there is no difficulty in carrying your ice cream.

Selection of Employee

In the ice cream making business, you choose the same people who are used to make ice cream and are skilled in running ice cream machines.

Ice cream business cost

Starting an ice cream business will require at least Rs 5 lakh. Because in this business, many machines, materials required for making ice cream.In addition you have to pay salaries of employees.

Ice Cream making Process

Ice cream making can have different processes, but here we are describing a common method, which is mostly followed. We can divide this process in following seven parts. Follow the common 7 steps that mostly followed by the company.

  1. The first step is Mixing Ingredients

All Ingredients are taken first to make ice cream.Now these are mixed together.During mixture i milk, water, sugar, etc. are added to the process.

  1. Pasteurization of mixer is the second step

If the entrepreneur or person has mixed all the substances in the first step, the second step is to pasteurize the mixture.The mixture is heated at a temperature of 72 centigrade for 25-30 minutes to make pasteurization. When performing this action, a noticeable thing is that milk produced substances, water and sugar are poured into the mixture before pasteurization. The rest of the stabilizers inserted after pasteurization. This action is performed so that the bacteria in the mixture die while heating.

  1. Homogenization

After pasteurization, the process of homogenization i.e. uniformization is started by adding other ingredients (flavor other than essence) to the mixture. To perform this action, the mixture is thoroughly shaken by a hard and elongated object, which leads to smoothness in the mixture. This process is continued until all the substances are well found in each other.

  1. Cooling Mixture

The next step comes cooling the misture. The mixture is left to cool for 4-5 hours.It is processed so that bacterial growth in the mixture can be reduced. The temperature of this mixture should not exceed 40F before pouring ice cream into the fridging tank.

  1. Add color and Flavour

Now before freezing the mixture its very important to add fragrance and colour to it. If the entrepreneur wants to give a special shape to the ice cream, he can fill the mixture in that mould accordingly. This way you get expected size of ice cream.

  1. Put Mixture in Freeze

Now the entrepreneur should put the mixture in a mould for freezing, ice cream will be ready in a while depending on which fridge is being used by the entrepreneur.

  1. You can add extra Deliscious layer of Pista Badam ,almonds etc

Now the entrepreneur can include cashews, raisins, pistachios, almonds, etc. to make the ice cream produced a little more delicious.

Diiferent Types of Ice Creams:

Hard Ice Creams. • French Ice Creams. • Light Ice Creams. • Organic Ice Creams. • No Sugar Ice Creams. • Soft Ice Creams. • Lactose-Free Ice Creams. • Gluten-Free Ice Creams.

Type of Ice Cream By Shapes:
• Ice Cream Cones. • Ice Cream Sticks. • Ice Cream Cakes. • Ice Cream Buckets. • Ice Cream Floats. • Ice Cream Sundae.

Ice Cream Cones:
• Cake Cones. * Pretzel Cones. • Sugar Cones. • Waffle Cones.

Ice Cream Packing

It is packed after the ice cream is ready. You can pack Ice creams in many way. Expensive ice creams packed in expensive cans and the standard ice creams packed in good polythin wrapping.

What is the Profit of Ice Cream Making Business

The profit in the ice cream business depends on your marketing and also depends on what ingredients you are using. If you use cheap material, you will have more profit and if you use expensive material, you will get less profit.

Ice cream Business Precautions

While making ice cream, take care of all kinds of cleanliness and ingredients so that the quality of ice cream remains best. In addition, you should take extra while packing the ice creams.

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