How To Start Rabbit Farming Business From Home – Investment,Profit

how to start rabbit farming business

Rabbit is a very beautiful creature of nature. Many people also keep it in their home. If you are interested in animal farming and want to take advantage of this creature, rabbit business is a profitable business for you. The rabbit farming is so easy to maintain as they are not non-vegetarian. You can easily supply plants for their daily food.All the information related to this business described in below section.

How to Start Rabbit Farming Business :

We are going to discuss some basic points related to this firm.Please make sure that you have checked all below points.

Minimum number of rabbits to start business :

There is a minimum number of rabbits to start rabbit business. To start this firm, there must be at least 10 units of rabbits. One unit has 10 rabbits, so in order to open a rabbit farm, a total of 100 rabbits are required. These 100 rabbits require approximately 65-70 females and 30- 35 male rabbits

Food For Rabbit : The rabbit which is fed in the farm is given an average of 2 meals, from which one time green things and one time rabbit food.

Places to set up the firm:

Make Rabbit firm at such places where pollution and noise are very less. It is better if you establish this form away from the city. Farming is very good in the village.

Business Farm Registration:

Registration is very important for farming. You can register under your firm sponsorship or partnership. Simultaneously, the income tax has to be deposited every year to run the farm smoothly. Apart from this, having a Current Account and PAN Card is very important.

Total cost/investment of setting up the form :

The cost of total 100 rabbits is around Rs. 2,50,000. In this money you have to get a rabbit as well as a cage of 10/4 to keep the rabbit. Apart from this, you also get water nipples for cuttings and water to feed the rabbit.

New Born Rabbits Supplier In India :

In India ,there are many large farms from where you can easily purchase new born rabbits.However,it is difficult to find the firm near your location.For this ,you can take online help.The online platform lets you know the firm location and best price.We have searched Rabbit farm and found IndiaMart is a great buying platform.You can easily get in touch with firm owner.Please check below link for Rabbit supplier.

Rabbit Farms In India

How To Make Money By Trading Rabbit? (Rabbit Business Marketing)

People can benefit from rabbit farming in many ways. First of all, this business gets benefit from those who want to pet or keep at their home. Because different breed rabbits are present in many forms. So, the person who wants to get different rabbit breed,a firm gives variety of options. In this way, breeding rabbits of different types can be beneficial to you, apart from this, there are also other ways to earn money.

  • Rabbit meat is very much used in medical purpose, so in these areas you can also sell rabbits from your farm.
  • Rabbit long hair is also used in many types of businesses,specially to make wool for clothing. Therefore, you can sell Rabbits through such farming for such businesses.
  • You can sell Rabbits to various types of research purpose in government and non- Government Agriculture Industry.
  • It is also beneficial for people suffering from heart disease, because zero percent cholesterol is found in it.

Rabbit Farming Business Benefits :

It is noticed that 70 female rabbits of the farm give rise to 350 rabbits in about 45 days. It takes a total of four months to fully prepare these newborn rabbits. If these 350 rabbits are kept carefully, then after 4 months they are worth Rs. 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees. At present, under the supervision of newborn rabbits cost less than 80 to 90 thousand rupees. In this way, you can benefit upto 30 thousand rupees at the initial level.

Rabbit Farming Business Precautions :

  1. During raising rabbit,you need to take some special precautions in your farm. Here the special precautions relating to this farm.
  2. Cleanliness is first priority in the rabbit business as it keeps the rabbit away from diseases.
  3. It is also important to provide food and water from time to time to rabbits. Therefore, it is also important to take care of things related to their food.
  4. If a rabbit has some kind of disease, then it is necessary for him to give medicines.
  5. The cleanliness of the vessels in which food is given to rabbits is also required regularly.
  6. During the summer, the attention of the rabbit has to be kept more. If your form goes above 38 degrees in summer, then it needs to be balanced.
  7. It is also necessary for your rabbits to get the necessary vaccinations.