How To Start Velvet Pencil Making Business – Machine,Profit,Investment

velvet pencil making business
velvet pencil making business

In today’s time we all need pencils whether it is in corporate field or educational purpose.Unlike other business, the marketing of the product is little difficult.We need to evaluate product’s demand.Fortunately,this product sales in all season and in all industry. You can buy pencils from the grocery shop or from any stationery shop. Therefore, it is highly profitable business.In today’s post we will discuss regarding Velvet Pencil Making Business,profit,investment,marketing strategy and suppliers.

Velvet Pencil Making Business in India

Required Material For Making Velvet Pencils

The raw materials are available in everywhere and you can buy them at cheap price. Check the raw materials and price below.

Gum: Rs 100 / kg
Velvet powder: Rs. 290 / kg
Raw Pencil: Rs 1.2 / pencil

Machinery for making velvet pencils

You require only one machine to start the business. This is called ‘valve pencil making machine’ . Its price starts at Rs 50,000 to 2.5 lakh.The expensive machine capable to make more pencils at a time.

Investment For Starting Business

In order to start this business, the total cost may take 70-75 thousand.Since this only cost for machine, it helps you to start this business at very low margin.However,if you are planning to make business at rented place, you may need to invest extra for the space.

Velvet pencil machine suppliers

Buy all this materials from the wholesale market and you can go to the following site for online purchases.

  • Pencil making machine
  • Raw pencils which needs to convert to velvet pencil
  • Velvet Powder for velvet look
  • Pencil gum

You can get all these machines and Raw material from –

Velvet Pencil Making Business Process :
The process of making velvet pencil is very easy. It has few simple steps and you are ready to produce thousand of velvet pencils.

  1. First, put raw pencils in the mold of the machine. The mold can take 4 pencils at a time.
  2. Put glue in these pencils.
  3. After this, it is inserted in the velvet pencil making machine. This mold can be installed comfortably in this machine.
  4. Once it is pasted into the wall of the machine, switch on the machine.
  5. After thirty seconds of running the machine, the velvet powder inside the machine sticks well in the glued pencil.
  6. In this way, 4 valves are ready to become pencil in 30 seconds.

Velvet Pencil Packaging Process

The packaging depends on how many pencils you want to combine in each separate packet. In order to make attractive packet, you can paste funny pictures of cartoons. Along with this, if possible, you can insert small rubber at end of the pencil.For better packaging idea, contact your local package store where you can find various package size.You can also order customized packet for your company.

Marketing Strategy for the pencil business : 

Make sure that you make quality pencils keeping very low price.There are number of competitors in the market who already established and doing very good business.You can directly visit the local stationary or contact with super market.The best way to start selling your product through students.When your company gets enough reputation, you can approach to large store. In this way, you can stand your business and make really good profit.

Hope this article helps you regarding this business,if you have any doubt or query you can comment below.We will reply you as soon as possible.