Goat Farming Business, Is it Profitable? Investment – 2024

Start Goat Farming Business in India – Know investment, profit, Goat breed and business running process.

goat farming business
goat farming business

Animal husbandry is a business in which a good profit can be earned in very low investment. People are earning a good income by rearing a variety of animals in the animal husbandry business and benching various products associated with them in the market. There are many animals that have a lot of benefit in rearing.

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Goat Farming Business Opportunity

Today, we are going to share information regarding goat farming. It is also known as Bakri palan and it is a great profitable business. You can start with minimal investment and later you can extend it.

In the context of starting a goat farming business, we would like to advise you to start following the ‘ Barbari Goat ‘.

Barbari ‘ is a species of goat that does not even need to be grazing. You can feed the food by placing it on a jug like a cow and a buffalo. There is not much difficulty in rearing it. At the same time, the fertility of the Barbari goat is also high.If you start with 10 goats of this species, the number goes up from 10 to 25 within a year. So the Barbari goat can prove to be a profitable deal for you in every way.

If you want to know more about barbari goat , follow the given link

Basic requirement for Bakri Palan?

Let’s understand here what are the main tools you need to start this business.

  • You will need to build a shed for goat rearing. You can take 1 or 2 acres of land and build sheds to keep goats in it. If you are a simple goat sail, try to get the land around a field so that you don’t have to wander away to graze the goats.
  • In the beginning you can start this business with 8-10 goats later you can gradually increase it.
  • If you start this business with 8 or 10 goats initially, you have to spend about Rs 1 lakh to buy it. You spend money separately to keep the goats and for their food.
  • In the beginning, you can take care goats alone. However, when the number of goats increases, you have to hire more labour to take care of them.

Scope of Goat Farming Business in India?

Before starting any business, you should research market demand. That is why let us discuss the Scope of Goat Rearing in India.

In a population-dominated country like India, the business of any animal farming business very profitable. If you talk about goat rearing, it has lot of demand for goats in every state of India. In India, people are very fond of eating meat and goat’s milk. In addition, goat leather also has a good demand in the market.

Villages are gradually disappearing in our country and the number of animals is also declining considerably. Keeping eye on current scenario,here is a lot of demand for goats in our country and even in the upcoming days.

So if you want to do animal husbandry business, goat rearing is the best option for you.

Investment in the Business of Goat Rearing?

There is definitely some investment in it to start any business.

There is a very small investment in the business of goat rearing. In the beginning, you can have a shed on a village lying vacant and place 8 or 10 goats there. In this way, you should have minimum of Rs. 1 lakh capital to build sheds.This way, you can start this business in investments ranging from about Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh.Once your business is set up, you can increase its investment by up to 10 million or even more.

Income from Goat Rearing Business-

Goat farming business has a very good income. The income from this business depends on daily cost of food and rearing. The Barbari goat is ready to sell in a year, while the ordinary goat takes up to 18 months to prepare

The price of ordinary goat varies from Rs. 7-10 thousand. On special occasions, the price may be more than doubled.

If you sell your goats in the right market and at the right time, you can earn a profit of up to Rs 6-7 thousand per goat. Also, you can earn money by selling goat’s milk.

Where to take goat farming training?

For almost any business set up and management, you need proper taring. You must opt all kind of training related to this business.

You can directly contact someone who is already in this business. At the same time, a Research Institute has also been set up by the Government of India to provide goat rearing related training which is located in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh. You can visit govt commercial goat farming portal : https://icar.org.in/node/8040

Manufacture of Goat Palan shed –

The construction of Shed is the most urgent and first Step to keep goats in Bakri Palan. Experts says, it is required to keep a goat at least 10 -12 sq ft. So you can calculate the Area for Shed according total number of goats

Normally, an area of 14×80 feet is sufficient to keep 100 goats. You must build boundary wall around the shed. At the same time, there should be good ventilation and good water system within the Shed.

Some important thing you must keep in mind while making bakri palan shed.

Such as-

  1. Place the height of the wall in front of the shed at 5 feet so that the Ventilation inside the shed is good. Then keep the height of the other three walls up to 12 feet and the thickness of the wall is not less than 10 inches. This will allow temperature control inside the shed during the cold and summer season.
  2. When building the shed land, you must give a shield so that it becomes easy to clean the water inside the shed. Also wash away the excreta of the goats .
  3. Divide shed into three parts. Place goat children, goats and goats in different parts.
  4. Make the roof of the shed with asbestos sheets. Plant trees inside the Boundary Wall of Shed to make the environment inside shed good.

Choose the right breed of goats?

The choice of goats of the right breed is also an important step when rearing goats. You also have to carefully choose the goats as well as the breed of goats. The quality breed of goats give you success in this business. Goats and goats of different breeds are found in different regions of India.

If you are from Uttar Pradesh, the best breed of goat is considered to be barbari. In Rajasthan, the best breed of goat is considered to be Sirohi, Beetle, Sojat. In West Bengal, Black Bengal is considered to be the best breed of goat.

You can find the best breed goat by visiting the animal husbandry department of your area. While buying goats, keep in mind that whatever goat you are taking, she has given birth to a child once. This reduces the risk of getting a sterile goat, which prevents you from being harmed in business.

Goats’ Food :

You can find a good price in the market of any goat only when your goat is healthy. It is very important to feed best quality food on daily basis to get good weight and milk.

The main expenditure of rearing is the fodder of the goats. So we would advise you to try to create a goat’s fodder instead of buying a market.

For this, you can arrange for green fodder by raising barsam, maize, and bazara, etc. in a field. These green fodder are very nutritious, which help in their development.

At the same time, you can also provide dari, wheat bran, chana peel, sarso cake, etc.Give all these four to eat with water. This makes the goats digested well and also leads to rapid development.

With green fodder, you must also keep the stock of dried fodder for feeding the goats throughout the year. If the goat is properly fodder, it weighs up to 25-30 kg within 7-8 months. The breed of goats also has a lot of difference in their development.

You must build godowns near shed to keep the stock of dried fodder. If your Shed has a green meadow, you can also take it out for grazing. If you have enough water for Shed, you can build a Boundary Wall around it and grow grass there.

Now you leave the goats open in the morning, so that they will automatically graze the grass inside the boundary and return to their shed. It will also give them good fodder and their health will also be good by staying in the open.

Goat’s Reproduction

The higher the reproduction of the goats, the more you benefit. The breeding of goats can be increased by control the living environment.

Always keep an eye on the goats and give them a sail from the goat whenever they are hot. Once the child is given, within 30-40 days, she becomes fit to give birth to the child.

So you keep the goats on the sail at a certain time interval from the goat. So that the number of your goats and goats always increases. The faster your goats give birth to a child, the faster your business will grow.

Diseases and treatment of goats

The disease of animals in the business of animal husbandry is the main cause of its failure. Sometimes, when an animal gets an infection disease, gradually all the animals are vulnerable to that disease. This leads to the end of the entire business.

It is advised to you to check the health of your goats from time to time. At the same time, whenever a goat is a little dull, immediately show it to the animal doctor.

Here, some tips that will help you to protect the goats from being affected by the disease.

Whenever the new goats are brought to the Shed, they must get vaccination and dewarming.
You must take foot and Mouth Disease vaccine PPR, and CCPP. This leads to the development of the ability to fight various diseases.
Feed the goats by mixing them with albendazole tablet fodder. This will help in eliminating the insects present in their abdomen.
Continue to dewarming the goats at intervals of every 3 months.
The vaccine of Enterotoxemia must also be used by goats to increase their immune capacity.

How to earn profit from goat Farming ?

With Bakri palan you can earn profits in many ways. You can make money by selling goat’s milk and meat. You can sell it by taking it to the cattle market.

To get a good price, we would advise you to sell it in Local Market and at a rate of food. You need to manage the market around you. It will take time, but once you catch up Local Market, you can do a very good business.

Also, try to supply goats to various hotels, wedding and other functions. If you have a lot of stock of goats, you can also supply it out and earn money.

Faq – Goat Farming Business

Is goat farming a profitable business?

Yes,the goat farming is profitable until if you choose right breed and disease. You can increase the business with very short period of time.Anyone who are interested in animal farming and ready to put effort,can do the business easily.

What are the tips for goat farming?

We have already discussed some tips to get success in this business. In a nutshell we can say, keep eye on your goats health, vaccination and food.

What is meat goat farming?

You can do business only for selling goats meat.It has very high demand in the market.There are lot of customers who purchase meat on daily basis.

Should we invest money in goat farming?

Yes , you can invest money in this business. IN all business you have to research properly. Please read our post and you can understand all important aspect of goat farming.

Which goat is best for farming?

You can rear any goat breed according to your needs.Some of the best breeds are Sirohi goat , Jamunapari goat,Black Bengal Goat,Barbari Goat,Gaddi Goat etc.

How many goats do you need to start a goat farm?

You can start with 5 to 10 goats initially. When you earn profit you can gradually increase the number of goats.You can espect 20 – 25 goats within one year.

How long does it take for a goat to grow?

It depends on the type of goat you have selected. Some of the goat breed prepare within 7 months and others are within 1 to 3 years.

Which breed of goat is most profitable?

There are so many goat breeds for farming. Each breed has unique productivity and grow according to the environment. On average the Beetal goat in black colour is most profitable. It produces milk highly and as well as meat for commercial purpose.