Ekart Logistics Franchise Application,Profit,How to Start ?

Get complete guide of Ekart Logistics Franchise and application process.Learn Investment,Profit idea – How to apply online.

Ekart Logistics Franchise application - complete guide

EKART is India’s largest logistics and supply chain company that delivers 10 million shipments a month to 3800+ pin codes. The company, Headquartered Bangalore, is within Karnataka and it is Flipkart Pvt. Ltd is a subsidiary company of Flipkart Pvt. Ltd. which operates on a very large level within India today.They are capable to provide one day delivery service.If you are passionate of delivery business in India,this is a profitable franchise opportunity.Today in this post we will guide you how to setup courier business and get Ekart Logistics Franchise in your area.

Ekart Logistics Franchise For Individual

What is Logistic Franchise ?

Courier or logistic business is same and it is well known as transport business.You can start your own transport company where you need to get Govt permission for company incorporation.On the other hand you can run logistic business under an existing logistic company.Here you don’t need complex documentation from Govt side,you get authorization from the logistic partner.This logistic business concept is called logistic franchise.We would like to inform you that each company has their own logistic rules and conditions.When you take their franchise you are obliged to follow all their terms and conditions.Before starting logistic business you should know what is supply chain ? and Why logistics Management is Important.

Who is Eligible to apply for Ekart Logistics franchise ?

Any individual who are Indian citizen can apply for Ekart franchise.There is no specific skill is required or high education.However if you know about Logistics functions and main activities it will help to manage your business.Besides that you should be committed and dedicated for this delivery business.A franchise owner must recruit stuff who is ready to tackle all delivery related trouble.Hard work and consistent effort brings success for any business.

Why Ekart looking for new Franchise Partner ?

When a company wants to expand their services,franchise program is the best way to reach customers.India is a large country and the total number of pin codes according to most accurate data is 19400. Ekart can’t deliver to all these pincodes without opening their franchise.Therefore everyday new franchise partner making this possible by joining ekart delivery network.

Ekart delivery business benefits

  • Fast courier service
  • India’s number one leading and trusted logistic company.
  • They provide 24/7 customer service.
  • One day delivery is now possible
  • Good business policy and high return
  • Experts provide practical training
  • Cutting edge technology for tracking and parcel delivery.

What is Ekart courier Franchise cost ?

The most important part of any business is Investment.Without having complete knowledge of business cost you can’t not start the franchise.People often ask what is the exact ekart franchise opening cost ? This is still unknown as the franchise setup cost is only revealed after getting approval.If you have nearby ekart hub who are already running the business,you can consult with them.But if you want to know the average courier franchise cost,it is between 50,000 to 1 Lakh.Here also the cost is not correct because there are so many other expenditure which you have to pay while running Ekart Logistics Franchise.These are as follows :

  • Land cost : If you have your own office space or business place,you will save the land purchasing cost.Otherwise you have to pay rent annually or monthly to land owner.
  • Manpower : The second expense comes when you recruit stuff for your business.You need to pay them on monthly basis or daily.It is around 8,000 to 12,000 for each stuff (Monthly).
  • Vehicle cost : This is one time cost to run logistic business.However,there may be vehicle maintenance cost.
  • Godown : You store parcels in your business place.But when stock more items,you need to increase the godown size.Thus extra money involved in godown expanding.

How to select franchise Location ?

Choose business location wisely to become successful.Yes,your wrong location selection may lead to ruin your franchise dream.Courier or transport business is perfect if you have place beside main road.You can easily load or unload goods from trucks.It saves extra carrying cost.The place should be wide enough to store parcels in large quantity.

Minimum space requirement

In logistic business more space is the biggest advantage.You can park your vechiles,unload goods instantly,large volume quantity easily manged.Now,it does not mean you can’t start business from a medium place.If you have minimum 300 sqft to 500 sqft,you are eligible to start Ekart Logistics Franchise.Later you can expand and grow your business.

Necessary accessories to run Ekart Logistic Franchise

Each business industry has their own accessories list.Without these accessories,you can’t run the business.For courier busines some are the mandatorty items you have to purchase.These are as follows :

  • Packaging tape : Tape is used for product sealing and packaging.It is mandatory for this business.
  • Computers : While you do business you need to update the delivery status to the higher authority.You can use desktop computer or laptop.
  • High speed internet connection : Good internet connection is required for data transmission.
  • Scanner / printer / Bar code reader
  • Shipping label : For specific product recolonization and handling caution warning

Franchise Agreement

Terms & conditions and franchise agreements are vital part of any business.Before final contract you must read all the terms and conditions.Once you sign on franchise agreement papers , you are liable to follow company rules.As you know business agreement is limited to a lock in period.This time period varies company to company.For Ekart , the standard franchise agreement is between 4 to 5 years.Once its agreement period terminated,you can renew or stop the business.

List of Documents for franchise Approval

You need to submit documents for verification.These documents needs to be correct and match with your profile.Below you can get an idea of basic documents :

ID Proof

Pan card – It is mandatory start any business.It is your Permanent Account Number,you can apply for new PAN card online.Visit official website of PAN India https://www.onlineservices.nsdl.com and register.

Address Proof

Aadhaar card and voter card – You also need to provide Aadhaar card details for address verification.You may have to show some other documents like Electricity bill,Ration card.

  • Bank account details with recent transactions
  • GST number – You can apply for GST online from https://www.gst.gov.in/
  • Legal Property documents.If you want to do business from someone’s place you need to submit the original owner land papers.
  • NOC – No Objection Certificate

How to submit Ekart Logistics Franchise application ?

Most of the logistic franchise providers they have both online and offline franchise applications method.Ekart does not have open franchise request form on their website.They are very strict and select only experienced people for smooth business.So now the question is how to apply for their dealership ? Here we found some information on web.Depending on that you can either visit their regional office address or send email to them.You can get the full address at the bottom of the article.

What is Ekart delivery business profit margin ?

The profit margin depends on parcel category,size and entire product price.Therefore it is difficult to tell you the exact delivery commission.But the business is very profitable according to existing franchise owner.If you get even small percentage from Ekart,your income would be really surprising.They ship million of shipments each month with their partner delivery services.

How Ekart operates the business with their partner ?

Like all other major logictic companies, ekart operates their business in the same way.They offer dealership to eligible franchise applicant after verifying the location.When the entire business is set up , you are ready to deliver parcels of Ekart.For an example,if someone place an order under your pincode.You have the maximum possibility to get the shipment delivery job.This way the devide regional areas dividing pincodes.However,they may change the route for any special reason.When you deliver the parcel , you get paid a certain commission from the ekart logistic.

Other Franchise Requirements

What type of vehicle do I need?

You can run business with two wheeler and four wheeler for heavy items delivery.Any vehicles that are in good condition can be used for parcel delivery.It better if you have vehicles 2 to 4 years old.Make sure you load goods according to vechile carrying capacity to avoid any product damage.

How many drivers do I need to deliver parcels ?

There is no specific numbers. Initially, you can recruit 1 to 2 drivers for package delivery.Later when you have large parcel volume , you may hire more drivers on monthly basis salary.

Do I need to provide driver training programme?

Yes,it is always recommended that you hire drivers who are well trained and have previous driving skill.

Do vehicles have to be branded?

There is no restriction for vechile brand.You can use any brand or local trucks for delivery.

Should I purchase special equipment for delivery ?

Generally,you don’t require any special equipment.However,you can buy some devices like POS device,real time location finder for tracking your driver.

Are drivers independent contractors or employees ?

Here you can pay drivers in two methods.

  • Pay for each delivery – Driver get paid on daily basis and the amount calculated how many parcels delivered.
  • Fixed monthly salary – You pay driver at end of the month.

Are uniforms required for delivery service drivers?

Uniform is not mandatory for this business.But ekart provides uniform for brand recognization. You can use those uniforms when your delivery boy goes out for delivery.

How many deliveries can I complete each day ?

No limitations.The more shipments you deliver,you earn more commission.

Who would provide training ?

Ekart team provides all support and training after successful business setup.You can also encourage your stuff for smooth and safe delivery.

Related Faq Ekart Logistics Franchise

Is ekart franchise profitable ?

Whether you take Ekart delivery franchise or any other logistic company franchise,the ultimate business profitability depends on your franchise management.If you talk about Ekart,no doubt the company provides very good profit margin.Now if you can deliver more parcels on time,your earning will be high.This business is very profitable and requires low investment.

How can I get franchise of Flipkart ?

Ekart is integrated logistic chain of Flipkart.It means whenever you place an order on Flipkart,the order will be delivered via Ekart.Here it defines that Flipkart delivery franchise mean Ekart courier franchise.Therefore if you are interested to be part of Flipkart logistic franchise,you need to apply for Ekart franchise.

How do I become delivery franchise ?

Delivery business means you want to start courier or logistic business.Now when it comes to delivery business,there are so many top delivery companies in India and abroad.For taking their franchise you need to apply for their franchise.Generally,you can request franchise from company’s official website.Some of the popular courier companies in India are Bluedart,DTDC,FedEx,DHL,Ekart and more.

Is Ekart Owned by Flipkart ?

Yes,it is owned and manged by Flipkart parent company.All logistics operation managed by Flipkart.

Where to find ekart logistics franchise near me ?

Although Ekart has official website ( ekartlogistics.com ) but they did not have franchise locator service.You can’t check nearby ekart franchise through pin code.However,you can try to find with the help of Google maps.We are not sure that you will get exact information but it helps a lot.There is alternative way which is Flipkart customer care team.You can call them and ask for location and address.

Can I Download Ekart franchise application form ?

Ekart does not have any downloadable franchise application form.Therefore you don’t have any option to download the form.You can only reach them via Email or visiting regional office address.

How do I contact Ekart Logistics?

You can contact ekart support team by calling toll free number 1800 420 1111 . There you can get information regarding logistic franchise or any delivery issue.

Head Office AddressBrigade Manae Court,
No.111, First Floor,Koramangala Industrial Layout,
Bangalore. PIN: 560 095.
Ekart Logistics Franchise Contact Number1800 420 1111
Official Websitewww.ekartlogistics.com


The online shopping trend has increased rapidly in last few years.Experts says the growth will continue and people would purchase maximum products from online store.Here in India when it comes to giant and trusted shopping platform,Flipkart is number one.Starting Ekart logistic franchise lets you give an opportunity to deliver all exclusive Flipkart parcels.Million of shipment done on daily basis from the Flipkart main warehouse.Therefore if you invest money on this logistic business,you will make good profit on each successful delivery.All you have to do is to follow Ekart logistics terms and conditions carefully for running long term good business with them.