How to Start Mushroom Cultivation and Make Profit – 2024


Start Mushroom Cultivation with low investment – Get complete guide regarding cultivation process,Mushroom farming profit etc.

If you are a farmer and you like farming, you can start Mushroom cultivation because the days are gone when farming was called a loss making deal. Earlier, people who did farming were considered illiterate and rustic. Today, farmers are making good profits by farming Mushroom in our country.Although there are number of profitable business available for village people like Murgi farming, Goat farming business etc.


Today’s advanced farmers are getting rich by doing this farming. Its cultivation has been started in almost every State of India. If you are planning to do so but you are newbie,Let us give you all the information about mushroom production.

What is Mushroom Cultivation?

Mushrooms are a type of plant that people use to eat as a vegetable it is a vegetarian food. It contains a lot of protein and other nutrients such as vitamin D. Its plant is almost the shape of a hive.

Types of Mushrooms (types of mushroom)

Although there are many species of mushrooms, about 4-5 varieties are found in terms of trade. Which are as follows:

Button mushroom cultivation
Oyster mushroom cultivation
Paddy Straw Mushrooms
Dhingri mushroom
The most famous Button mushroom is what people eat with great relish and get a good price in market.

Required Space for Mushroom Cultivation

Mushroom Cultivation is not sown in the field like other crops. It requires shade so you can also start with mushroom cultivation at home or cultivate it by placing a roof over the vacant land around the house. If you also have 30 X 15 or 25 X 50 sqft, you can start Mushroom farming and be rich. You will find mushroom farming video on the YouTube.

The most favorable time to cultivate mushrooms is from October to March. Many procedures have to be done to cultivate mushroom. To cultivate it, you need a room that is closed from all sides, although there are windows that can be opened when needed, as the temperature of this room needs to be controlled. You can also grow mushrooms under a web of wood if you want.

How much will it cost ?

Mushroom Cultivation does not require much capital to start, as it does not require any large machine. You can easily start this business with just Rs. 50,000 – 75,000.

Construction of Shed

If you don’t have enough space at home, you can also produce mushrooms by making a straw roof. For this, you can construct a shed on a bamboo structure which does not cost much. This allows you to create 25 X 50 sqft or space at your convenience. You can also take mushroom cultivation training for this.

Create Compost

Compost manure is the main basis of mushroom farming as mushroom seeds are sown on it. The following things are required to make compost:

  • Wheat straw 300 KG
  • Wheat Bran 15 KG
  • Gypsum 20 KG
  • Urea 4 KG
  • Super Phosphate 3 KG
  • Murret of Potash 3 KG

First soak the straw with 1500 litres of water and 1.5 kg of pharmaline and 150 grams of babastin solution so that the straw becomes pure and disinfected and then mixes them well in one. This mixture is completely ready as compost in about a month.

How to select Seed ? (Mushroom Seeds)

For mushroom production, first of all, you have to choose a good and healthy seed and choose the right species. In that case, you can choose agericus species because its production capacity and demand in market is very high. The price of the seed ranges from around Rs 75-80 per kg Mushroom.You can inquiries on the‘s website for seeds.

Seed quantity

The seed content should always be added two and a half to three kilograms (2.5 to 3 kg) per quintal in proportion to the weight of compost manure.

The process from sowing mushroom seeds to production :

Mushroom Farming in India
Mushroom Cultivation Business is done in a closed room, so before sowing mushroom seeds on the floor of the room or bamboo shed, they spread the compost as a thick sheet.Then scatter the seeds on the layer of the scattered compost and cover it with a layer of two to three cm thick compost from the top after scattering the seeds. They keep soaking old newspapers on top of this layer with water and maintaining enough moisture in the room. At present, the room temperature is around 22 to 26 degrees Centigrade and humidity is between 80 and 85% and the windows in the room keep the doors closed and maintain darkness.

In the next 15-20 days, a trap is formed over the compost layer.

Mushroom Stub

When all the mushrooms are ready of an average size, which is about 40 to 45 days after the mushroom sowing, the mushrooms become worth breaking. To mushroom cut, cut them carefully from the top with a sharp sharp knife so that they do not have compost, so the mushrooms start rotting quickly. Now your mushroom is ready to be sold in market.


The broken mushrooms are cleaned and packed well in one size mushrooms in containers so that they do not spoil quickly and ease transportation as it is a product that is less in demand in the village and very high in cities.It needs to be transported to the city and city.

Earnings from Mushroom Plant

As far as earnings from mushroom production are concerned, the demand for mushrooms is high and the price market is very high due to low supply, so the profit in this business is very high. mushroom price 200 to Rs.300 per kg in market.

Conclusion  :

If you are a farmer and want to start mushroom farming , it is better for you to get training from somewhere because training will give you all the information and you will be able to do Mushroom Cultivation well.

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