Indian Poultry Breeds,Different Desi Chicken Breeds in India

Desi Poultry Breeds information that will help you to start Poultry farm business.

Poultry Breeds - Desi Chicken Breeds in India

If you are planning to start Murgi farm business,its important to choose a good poultry breed.You can find many species of chickens in India, but out of all these species, Desi chickens breed are most suitable for rearing. We will discuss here all Desi hen and their origin place.You can choose any of them according to your business plan.

List of Desi Poultry Breeds

Assel Breed

Assel Breed

This breed is found in Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan in India. Apart from India, this breed is also found in Iran where it is known by some other name. The chicken of this breed is very good. The behaviour of these chickens is very quarrelsome, so mankind fight the chickens of this breed in the field.
The chickens weigh 4-5 kilograms and the chickens weigh 3-4 kgs. The chickens of this breed have long necks and feet and have bright hair. The ability of chickens to lay eggs is very low.

Kadaknath Breed

Kadaknath Breed

The original name of this breed is Kalamasi, which means a bird with black flesh. Kadaknath breed is originally found in Madhya Pradesh. Meats of this breed contain 25% protein which is higher than other breed meats. Kadaknath breed meat is also used to make a variety of medicines.This breed is very beneficial in terms of business. This chicken lays about 80 eggs per annum. The major varieties of this breed are jet black, pensald and golden.

Grampriya Breed

Grampriya Breed

Grampriya has been developed by the Government of India under the All India Coordination Research Project at Hyderabad. It has been specially developed for rural farmers and tribal agricultural options. They weigh 1.5 to 2 kg in 12 weeks.
Their meat is used more in making tandoori chicken. Grampriya gives an average of 210 to 225 eggs in a year. Their eggs are brown in colour and weigh 57 to 60 grams.

Swarnath Breed

Next in the list of Poultry Breeds comes Swarnath Breed.Swarnath Karnataka is a breed of chicken developed by the University of Veterinary and Fisheries in Bangalore. They can be easily nurtured behind the house. They mature completely in 22 to 23 weeks and then weigh 3 to 4 kilograms. Their egg production capacity is about 180-190 per annum.

Kamrup Breed

It is a multidimensional chicken breed developed by the All India Coordination Research Project to enhance poultry breeding in Assam. This breed is a cross breed of three different chicken breeds, Assam Local (25%), Colour Broiler (25%) and lump red (50%).Its male chicken weighs 1.8 – 2.2 kgs in 40 weeks. The capacity of this breed to give eggs every year is about 118-130, weighing about 52 grams.

Chittagong Breed

Chittagong Breed

This breed is considered to be the tallest breed. It is also known as Malay chicken. Chickens of this breed are up to 2.5 feet long and weigh up to 4.5 – 5 kgs. Their necks and feet are taller than the rest of the breed. The capacity of this breed to give eggs every year is about 70-120 eggs.

Kerry Shyama Breed

It is a cross breed of Kadaknath and Carrie Lal. This type of internal organs also have a deep pigment, which is given priority by the tribal community for the treatment of human diseases. It is mostly found in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Rajasthan.The breed matures completely in 24 weeks and then weighs about 1.2 kg (female) and 1.5 kg (male). Their fertility is about 85 eggs per annum.

Jharseem Breed

It is the original dual purpose breed of Jharkhand, its name has been derived from the local dialect. It survives on low nutrition and grows rapidly. Hens of this breed are the source of income of the tribal population of that area. It gives its first egg on 180 days and gives 165-170 eggs per annum. Their egg weighs about 55 grams. When this breed is fully matured, they weigh up to 1.5 – 2 kgs.

Devendra Breed

It is a dual purpose chicken. It is a cross breed of synthetic broiler as male and Rhode Island red. Its body weight is 1800 grams in 12 weeks. In 160 days, it matures completely. Their annual egg production capacity is 200. Its egg weighs 54 grams.


The chickens of this species are also double utility, giving about 210 to 230 eggs. They weigh from 2.5 kg to 5 kg, which is much higher than the rural chickens and can make more profit through both meat and eggs. The chickens of this species are developed very fast.


Initially considered to be the best species for poultry, these poultry lay from 120 to 130 eggs in 3 months and also weigh up to 2.5-5 kg. However, these species are slightly less functional and active than other species.

Other Poultry breeds found in India:-

Some other chickens found in India –

  • Ankleswar
  • Kashmir Favrola
  • black bone
  • Kalinga Brown
  • Krishna-J.
  • Kalahandi
  • koman
  • Carrie Gold
  • Gramlaxmi
  • Danky
  • Ghaghas
  • Telichery
  • Dhumasil
  • Doothir
  • Dhanraja
  • Punjab Brown
  • Nicobarese
  • Fulbani
  • Busra
  • Yamuna
  • Vinjara
  • Miri
  • vejaguda
  • Harangata Black
  • Collarbone

Productivity criteria for major native breeds of egg-giving chickens in India:-

Quroiler Layer :

  • First egg 17 to 18 weeks
  • 50 percent production in 150 days
  • Peak production in 26 to 28 weeks
  • Tolerance of production (96%) and layer (94%)
  • Peak egg production 92 percent
  • Hain House for more than 72 weeks from 270 eggs
  • Egg weight 54 g

Kari Sonali Layer (Golden- 92)

  • First egg in 18 to 19 weeks
  • 50 percent production in 155 days
  • Peak production 27 to 29 weeks
  • Tolerance of production (96%) and layer (94%)
  • Peak egg production 90 percent
  • 265 eggs more than 72 weeks of hain-house
  • Egg weight 54 g

Qari Devendra

  • A medium-sized dual-purpose bird
  • Efficient diet conversion – Higher positive income than diet cost
  • Excellent as compared to other layer – Low Laing House Mortality Rate
  • Body weight at 8 weeks- 1700-1800 g
  • Age at Sexual Maturity- 155-160 days
  • Annual Egg Production- 190-200

Hope the above information will help you to choose the best desi poultry breeds for your poultry farm business.If you are able to take care of these chickens well, you can make a good profit from these chickens.