Post Office Franchise,India Post Franchise Guide – 2024

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Post Office Franchise – Indian post office franchise for CSC,Application Process.

Post Office Franchise - Indian post office franchise for CSC,Application Process.
Post Office Franchise – Indian post office franchise for CSC,Application Process.

The Indian Postal Department has recently issued a notification related to giving their franchise. According to this issued notification, any Indian can apply to take the franchise of ‘Indian Post Office‘ and can start the post office i.e. postal department outlet in their state or city. Therefore, those who wish  to take franchisees can apply for taking post office franchisees. However, only the applicant selected under the selection process will be given the franchise of the post office.These selection will be done on the basis of the rules and qualifications associated with the grant of franchise. 

Franchises types ( Types Of Franchises )

For the purpose of setting up postal services in every city, two types of franchises will be given by the postal department, one which is connected to the counter service and the other is linked to the postal agency. Different rules and qualifications have been prescribed by the Department of Posts for taking both types of franchises.

Post franchise outlets (Post Office Franchise Outlet Scheme )

Franchisee related to counter service will be given only in those places where post offices cannot be opened by the Indian Postal Department. In fact, there are many cities and areas in India where there are no post offices. These areas are the best to open the outlet of the post office through franchise services.  So that by opening the counter service of the postal department in these areas, people here will get the facility of the post office.

Outlet Franchise Features (Outlet Features)

  • Only counter services will be provided in the franchisees offered under the postal department, while the responsibility of distribution and transmission will continue through the post department.
  • The model of this franchise will be implemented only in the rapidly developing areas of the city such as metros and surrounding towns.
  • For those who will open the franchise, the review of the work of their franchise will be taken twice a year by the Department of Posts. The first review of which will be done 6 months after the opening of the franchise and the second review will be taken after the completion of the next six months. If the work of the franchisee is found correct in the final review, then the duration of that franchise will be extended.
  • Under the outlet franchise, your earnings will be commission based. This commission will be your income.

Commission in Post Office under Franchise –

The commissions given to you by the post department on the sale of their given items are as follows .

NumberServicesCommission received on transaction
1Registered Article BookingThree rupees
2Booking speed post articleFive rupees
3Money Order Booking Commission on booking of money orders worth Rs 100 to Rs 200Commission on booking of money orders worth more than Rs 200  3.50 rupees Five rupees
4More than 1000 registry or speed post articles every month20 percent additional commission
5Postage stamps and postage Stationery and Commission on sale of money order formFive percent of the sales amount
6Retail service40 percent

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What post office services you can sell

By taking a post office outlet, you can sell the following things, and earn money-

1Stamp and Stationery Goods
2E-governance project
3Registered Article
4Speed ​​post article
5Bill tax collection work
6Payment Services Business
7Postal Life Insurance Business

Post Office Franchise Investment (Franchise Cost)

  • You may have to spend 1 to 2 lakhs for this franchise. Also, those who will be selected by the post department to give franchisees, they will also have to submit a security deposit. According to the rules, the post department has fixed the minimum security deposit amount as five thousand rupees.

Who can apply for Indian Postal Department   (Eligibility Criteria for Indian Post Office)

  • According to the rules, the minimum age of the people willing to take this franchise has been fixed at 18 years, while there is no limit to the maximum age.
  • Only those who have studied till at least 8th grade are eligible to take the franchise.
  • Any person is eligible to apply for taking such a franchise. That is, if a person does any kind of business, he is still eligible to take the franchise. However, these franchises will be given in urban, rural and new upcoming urban townships.
  • If any organization interested such as colleges, polytechnics, universities, professional colleges can also apply for taking post office.
  • If a member of your family works in the postal division of your area, then you will not be able to apply for the franchise of that area.
  • If an individual applies for this franchise, an agreement will be made with that person for taking the franchise. At the same time, if an organization applies to take a franchise, then this agreement will be done with the head of that organization.

How to apply ?

To take post office franchise, you have to apply through offline mode and fill a form and submit that form.

Where to get India Post Franchise Application Form

The form related to taking the franchise of the Department of Posts is given to you on the official website of the Department of Posts

You Will have to download from Or you can go to the Postal Divisional Office and get the form attached to the franchise.

Process of Form Filling

  • Those who want to apply for taking the franchise of the post office, should visit this link. And the ‘Application cum franchise outlet agreement form‘ given on this link will have to be downloaded and filled.
  • In this form, information such as the name of the person applying, the nationality, the place where he wants to work for the franchise, his home address will have to be filled.
  • After filling all the information, you will have to submit this form to the Superintendent of the Postal Department of the post divisional office in the area in which you want to open your franchise.

Important Documents

While filling the form associated with taking the franchise of the post office, you will need proof of date of birth, PAN card, documents related to home address. Therefore, before filling the form, get a photocopy of all these documents, because you will have to attach these documents with the form.

How will the selection process

  • A report will be submitted by ASP / SDI to the concerned divisional head of the area in which you want to take the franchise and based on that report, the divisional head will select the person who will be eligible to take the franchise.
  • According to the notification, this report will be given by ASP / SDI to the divisional head of the post office, based on the information filled in the application. That is, all those who have filled their information in the application form, a report will be made by ASP / SDI.
  • Within 14 days of the application given for taking the franchise, the report of that application will have to be submitted to the Divisional Head to ASP / SDI.
  • The person who will be selected by the Divisional Head will have to sign the ‘Memorandum of Agreement’. Apart from that person, two witnesses will also be signed in the ‘Memorandum of Agreement’. So before you sign the ‘Memorandum of Agreement‘, read it well.
  • After signing the agreement you will get a franchise. However, before starting the franchise, the person will be given training related to how the work is done in the post office.
  • Preference will be given to only those who will apply for taking the franchise, who will be postal pensioners.
  • Preference will be given to those who apply, who will have a good knowledge of computers and who will be able to provide computer facilities.

Attached to the franchise training (Training)

  • Any person who will be given a franchise will be given training first and if the franchise of those persons is handled by someone else, then this training will be given to him.
  • How long the training related to the franchise will be given, at what time and at which place it will be selected by the Department of Post.
  • If this training is given in any other city, then the cost of going and staying in that city for this training will not be given from the Department of Posts.
  • All the training associated with the franchise will be given by the sub-divisional inspector of the area and if the performance of a person is not found to be correct while training, then the contract of the franchise given to him will be terminated. That is, whoever goes to take this training will have to show their good performance while taking training.
  • During the training, the person starting the franchise will be told how the post office works, how the products, services, basic procedures, premises are taken care of.
  • After passing this training, franchisors will be able to start their franchise. Such training will be organized from time to time by the postal department.

Monitoring (Monitoring)

  • From time to time, the people who will start the franchise will be monitored by the Inspector of the Department of Posts from time to time and it will be seen whether their oulet is being worked properly. Therefore, all those who will be given post office franchisees will have to act properly, because if during inspection it is found by the inspector that your outlet is not functioning properly then action can be taken against you. is.
  • This monitoring will be done every month by the inspector. At the same time, the facility of monitoring will be added by the postal department through electronic also.

Five agents franchises ( Postal Agents )

Under the franchise of Postal Agent, postage stamps and stationery will be sold and this facility will be started in urban and rural areas. Therefore, to get this franchise, people who want to apply will have to choose one of the areas in urban and rural areas.

Five agents basic features of the scheme ( Features ) –

  • Under the Postal Agent Scheme, only postage stamps and stationery items can be sold by the Postal Agent.
  • From time to time, the postal agent will have to go to the nearby postal department and buy postage stamps and stationery and after purchasing them from the postal department can sell them.

Eligibility Criteria set for selection of Postal Agent :

  • Any person or any organization can apply to become a postal agent and people or organization whose selection will be selected for postal agent will be given a photo identity card.
  • If a member of a person’s family works in a post office, then that person will not be eligible to become the postal agent of that division of the post office in which his family member will be working.
  • Only those people whose age is 18 years or above can apply for the postal agent scheme. At the same time, no maximum age limit has been given to apply for this scheme.
  • No educational qualification has been prescribed for this scheme. That is, if a person is not educated, then he can also apply for this scheme.

How will the selection process be done

  • Those who want to become postal agents will have to fill a form and submit this form to the postal department. After which the postal agent will be selected on the basis of application by the concerned divisional head.
  • A photo identity card will be given to the persons who will be selected by the concerned divisional head. This identity card will have the name and photo of that postal agent.
  • The agent will have to take this photo identity card from the concerned departmental head office and this photo identity card will be issued within a week of the application submitted by you.
  • The person who will be selected for the postal agent will not be required to sign any kind of memorandum of agreement with the postal department and will not be required to submit any kind of deposit. That is, you can become a postal agent without any investment

Photo ID will be given

  • An individual applies to become a postal agent and if selected, a photo identity card will be issued in the name of the individual.
  • If an organization applies for the postal agent scheme and if that organization is selected, then in this case a card in the name of the head of that organization or the person nominated by that organization to do this work. will be issued.

Have to get goods from the post office

  • After becoming a postal agent, the person will have to go to the link post office and buy postage stamps and stationery goods from there and the responsibility of providing these goods to the agent will be in charge of the link post office.
  • In-charge of the link post office will have to ensure from time to time that postal stamps and stationery items are easily made available to the agent associated with their post office.
  • Whatever cost will be incurred in purchasing postage stamps and stationery items, the postal agent will have to pay for it himself and whatever expenses will be incurred in purchasing them will be paid in cash only. That is, you cannot pay by giving any type of check or by card.
  • According to the rules, the postal agent will have to buy at least 300 rupees worth of goods at one time and this will be given to the agent only after looking at his photo card.
  • The moment the postal agent purchases the goods, the commission paid on the goods will be deducted from the payment amount. That is, if you take a postage stamp of Rs 300, then the 5 percent commission received on that postage stamp will be deducted from Rs 300 and the post agent only has to pay the remaining amount.
  • The record of the tickets and other goods purchased by the postal agent will be kept in the post office, the link from which the post office will buy the stamp and other goods by the postal agent.
  • The postal agent will sell the tickets and other goods in the same area, which will be allotted to that area. No postal agent can sell these goods in any area other than his area.

How many will be time license (License)

  • The Postal Agent will be given a license for one year before and after the deposit of post. The period of postal agent license will be extended only if good work is done during one year.
  • According to the rules, the license period will be extended to three years after one year. At the same time, after the end of the three-year period, the license period of the postal agent will be extended only if the work has been done by him properly. Therefore, the duration of the license you get depends on your work.
  • The license of any postal agent can be terminated at any time through the deposit of post. Therefore, you have to carry out the task of becoming an agent responsibly and accurately. Because of your mistake, your license can be canceled by the Deposit of Post.

How to apply for post office franchise for CSC

  • Those who want to apply to become Postal Agent, will have to visit this link.
  • By going to the link mentioned above, a print out of the form called Application cum Postal Agent Agreement will have to be taken out on this link.
  • After taking the print out, you have to fill the form associated with the postal agent and after filling this form, you will have to submit it to the nearby postal department.
  • Apart from downloading the online form, you can also buy this form by going to the post office and you can also fill this form and submit it.
  • You will get this form in Hindi language or in your state language also. Therefore, you can take this form in the language of which you have knowledge.
  • After submitting this form, if you are selected for postal agent by the postal department, you will be informed and you will become a postal agent.

Many people want to work with the Indian Postal Department, so apply for the franchise of the Department of Posts as soon as possible. Because if someone before you has applied to take franchise in your area, then he will get franchise in your area.

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