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Gianis Franchise – requirements,investment,profit & how to start guside.

gianis franchise

About company : Giani is one of the popular brands in worldwide for its ice cream tastes and varieties.The company was established in the year 1956 at Fatehpuri Delhi.They special ice cream varieties are Fresh Fruit Ice Cream,Italian Gelato,Italian Gelato,Italian Gelato,Kulfi Faluda,Rich & Creamy Ice Cream,Royal Faluda etc.Since its birth ,the company maintaining the top quality ice cream and customer happiness.If you love their taste and want to be part of their family, you can apply for Gianis franchise for making a good income out of their business model.

Gianis Franchise Opportunity

Grab the opportunity to start business with India’s number 1 ice cream brand Giani.People love their ice cream varieties and look for to visit their nearest store.You can open store in your area or city to serve their quality product and earn commission from sales each month.You get transparent business policy,proper training,marketing material and full support any time.Besides this,it has low investment around inr 10 lac to 20 lac.

Franchise formats :

The type of outlet which will be assigned depending on your location and outlet size.For easy understanding,it can be classified in to three main formats.Thease are as follows :

  1. Store outlet size : It gives store size information
  2. Outlet Offering : The available facility provided from company
  3. Outlet seating : If any seating is available
KioskSmall OutletLarge Outlet
Outlet Size150 sq ft or lessOver 150 sq ft. but less than 250 sq ftMore than 250 sq. ft
Outlet OfferingTwo ice cream parloursOne Gelato & one Ice cream parlourTwo ice cream parlours & One Gelato
SeatingNo SeatingOptionalRecommended
Outlet complete formats

Franchise terms and agreement period

Basically all the terms are finalized at the of final agreement.However,just to give you an idea ,the franchise standard period will be for three years.If you want to keep doing business you can further renew it for maximum 10 years.While you sign on papers you need to accept all policies of Giani Ice Cream

Giani franchise outlet Investment

Intial franchise fee

As you know each outlet has their own specifications and criteria.The intial fees also depends on that particual format and charge the final fees.The applicant needs to pay the franchise fee at the time of final approval from the team.

Franchise security deposit

When two parties are agreed and want to start franchise then franchisee gives security deposit to the franchisor.The security deposit amiunt also vary depending on the type of outlet format.Please remenver that you wont earn any interest from the security deposit amount.The franchisor has the right to review the deposit peridiaclly for an renew purpose or to assign a new franchise.

When the franchise agreemnet is terminated,the franchisor will refund the full security deposit amount with in 90 days of settlemnt.

What is brand royalty ?

The franchise owner pays brand royalty fee on monthly basis to the franchisor.

How to apply for Gianis franchise

The franchise application form is integrated in their website.You can jump to their franchise section and submit your enquiry.If you are not familiar with some basic steps,how to fill up details and send,please follow below steps :

  • Visit franchise page of Giani ice cream company –
  • Got to enquiry tab and click on it
  • Enter name
  • Enter mobile number and email id
  • Enter city of outlet
  • Enter outlet area and details
  • Investment capability and means of financing
  • add some additional information which may help to consider your application to process fast.
  • When you fill all the details successfully,you can now click on submit button.

What happens after requesting franchise

As soon as they receive your message ,they will contact with you.One of their executives will collect all relevant details.Next,the franchisor sends team to evaluate the place and to match other criteria.If everything is sought out,you will be eligible to start their franchise.

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Gianis ice cream official website :

Company address : 2/81, West Punabi Bagh, New Delhi

Support / help line number : 9810044785