How to Start Kekiz Franchise ? Cost,Massive Profit – 2024

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Kekiz Franchise – Learn how to apply for Kekiz cakes and pastry shop franchise.

Kekiz Franchise starting guide
How to start Kekiz Franchise

Kekiz is a rising brand with specialization of cake & pastry.Kekiz started their journey from a small bakery in Pune.Today they more than 500+ branches in India.The cake varieties starts with very small amount i.e rs. 300.In today’s time,cakes are ordered very often for several occasional. We order for birthday celebration,wedding party,office party celebration and more.Kekiz has international standard cake manufacturing facility and main complete hygeneic rules imposed by Govt.Franchise business is one of the rapid growing industry in India.You can find other food related franchise like Gianis ice cream Franchise,
Biryani Blues , KFC , Pizza hut etc.If you are passionate with cake , Kekiz Franchise could be best brand for you to start business with them.

Kekiz cake shop benefits :

  • You connect with largest cake supply chain
  • You can offer your customer varieties of cakes with unique flavor.
  • Easy documentation and approval process.
  • Good earning opportunity with best support
  • You save adverting cost , company promote their brand itself.
  • Low investment and high return

Required Area

For taking franchise you need at least 150 sq ft to 250 sq ft area in your prime location.You can start franchise in your rented place or in your own place.In case of rented place,you need 5 years rent agreement.

Shop Opening Investment

If we talk about franchise investment, the total cost comes around 7 lakh.Below are the cost details , you can find :

  1. You Should be able to invest 2 Lakh + GST Franchisee Fees (Non Refundable)
  2. 5 lakh. Interior cost with Cooling Counter for 200sq ft ShopeApproximately
  3. Franchise owner Should be Willing to Provide Prompt & Excellent Service to the Customer through Indispensable Manpower

Profit Margin

The profit margin is very high in this franchise.You get 50% profit margin on purchase.

  • 50%, Margin on Purchase of Cakes and Pasteries.
  • Standard Design of Infrastructure & Layout Plan
  • Direct Supply from Factory resulting in timely delivery.
  • Continuous Advertisement and Promotional Support to Increase Sales

Lets take an example for better understanding :

If you purchase 1/2 kg cake from master franchise at the price Rs.200,then fifty percent profit means Rs.100.You sell cake to your customer rs. 300

500 grms cake purchased INR 2001 kg cake purchased (INR 400)
Purchase price + Profit Margin = MRPPurchase price + Profit Margin = MRP
200+100 = Total rs. 300 selling price400+200 = Total rs. 600 selling price
50% profit with an example

General Terms & Condition

  • Agreement period of ‘Kekiz’ Franchisee is 5 Years,
  • On return of Product 75% bear by Company 8. 25% bear by Franchisee
  • Franchisee will pay Monthly Shop Rent, Telephone Bill. Internet Bill. Electricity Bill. Maintenance Bill)

Franchise Training

Training is mainly provided when you have the maximum responsibility to make product. Kekiz make cakes and all their products.You just need to purchase cakes from them.However,they provide support how to keep it fresh and hygenic.

How to submit Kekiz Franchise Application Online ?

Kekiz welcomes any individual to submit franchise request through their online platform.They they their official website.We will mention it details in below of this article.Visit the official website and you can see two option :

  1. Master franchise
  2. Regular franchise

Now click on any option which you are interested.The link will open franchise request form.It asks for few basic details.These are as follows :

  • Applicant full name
  • City or district
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • State name
  • Your location details

When you filled up all these details, now click on submit button. That’s it.

Official website :

Head Office addres: Bhageshwar Niwas, 3rd Floor,Gopal Gayan Samaj Road, Sadashiv Peth, Pune-411030, Maharashtra,

Contact Number : India+91 7507770933

Customer care :