CK Bakery Franchise,Profit Margin,Cost – How to Start ?

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Apply for CK Bakery Franchise – Get investment details and step by step application process.

CK Bakery Franchise guide with application process

Ck bakery is an Indian company that offers quality and hygienic bakery food & cakes.The company head office is located in Chennai. Like other food franchise model ( Kekiz Franchise / Gianis ice cream Franchise ) they are growing fast.People are now interested to become their partner.So basically,if you are passionate about food and want to start business , this CK Bakery Franchise could be great choice.Its not that they are small company , they are part of 1800 Cr CavinKare group.You will have surely best business experience with them.

CK Bakery Franchise Benefits

  • They are known as the food & beverages retail chain and thus you get best  ingredients to make your foray .
  • The dedicated R & D department helps to create exciting products for you.You will have great feedback from your customers.
  • Becoming their franchise you can offer your customer theme cakes,birthday cakes,wedding cakes,bread,samosas,sandwiches,puddings and more.
  • The best training provided to all new franchisee owners
  • They setup all kitchen and you start business in no time.
  • Not only these facility but the business contract policy is also very easy to understand.

Franchise Investment

Whether you open a small franchise or with big brand you need to invest money on it.The amount varies company to company with special terms and conditions.However,we have searched regarding CK bakery franchise investment and they have mentioned 12 to 15 lacs.You can further contact with CK bakery team to get complete details.

Franchise Outlet Area

You are most likely going to open a store where people will visit and have food.You need good place to run this franchise successfully.According to CK official partnership program,an applicant must have 200 – 250 sq.ft area.An extra tips we can share with you that,you select a place where people visit very often like college,market,schools,offices etc.In this you can optimize your sales without spending money on advertising.

Business Model

The company offers two types of franchise model 1.Franchise owned and 2.franchise operated.The both terms explain different activity.If you go with :Franchise owned” you have your own franchise outlet.The second one gives you facility to operate franchise in a particular regions.

Financial Model

40% Gross Margin are provided from the company


The ROI simple defines Return of Investment.The ROI period is 2 years.

Agreement and Terms

Well, the company agreement period is 5 years.They have standard franchise agreement.You can renew franchise agreement at the end of this period.

How to apply for CK Bakery Franchise ?

To become a franchise of CK bakery you need to register on their online platform.They have integrated franchise application form.There you need to enter your details.Basically its called applicant details.These are very basic details like

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Applicant mobile number
  4. Active email address :
  5. The state name you belong :
  6. Any existing retail shop information

If you don’t find the link on homepage,go to menu bar and search franchise option.Now click on the link and you will see the page.

We are sharing the direct link so that you can reach easily :

Communication details :

  • Website :
  • Corporate Office Address : No. 12, Cavin Ville, Cenotaph Road, Teynampet, Chennai – 600018
  • Phone number : 044 40240600 /

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