37 Powerful Best Business Ideas in India – Upcoming Trends

Starting a business in India is a challenging job as newbie can’t invest huge money at vert initial stage.If you take wrong decision you may loose your money.Therefore you need to first research the market and its demand. In this article we will discuss best business ideas in India step by step.We have prepared total 37 most powerful and innovative ideas for you.You don’t require large investment to start these business.You could be the next successful business person , check out the upcoming business trends and start your business today.

Best Business Ideas in India
37 Powerful Best Business Ideas in India

List of top Business Ideas in India

1. Health & Fitness

You can open a franchise of Pharmacy, Clinic or Gym in the name of a good medical company in your city. For this it is necessary that the place where the business is to be done should be in which market or clean environment.

There are some examples of this sector, in which you can start trading by investing –

IdeasInvestmentSpace (sq ft)
Pharmacy10-20 lakh300-400
Diagnostic Center3-5 lakh250-400
Saloon-Spa35-40 lakh600-800
Gym35-50 lakh1500-2500

2. Food Center

A franchise of coffee shop or restaurant can be taken in it. You can open them in any school, college or office area so that opportunities for growth in business can increase.

You can use these ideas in food business –

IdeasInvestmentSpace (sq ft)
Coffee Shop5-10 lakh200-700
Ice Cream Parlour10-15 lakh250-400
Take-aways5-10 lakh100-300
Restaurants10-20 lakh200-500

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3. Garment & Footwear

The textile business in India is growing rapidly. So if you also take franchise of a famous brand and put it in an area or market where competition is low, then you can earn a lot of money from it.

IdeasInvestmentSpace (sq ft)
Ready-manGarment40-50 lakh1500-2000
Ethnic Wear10-15 lakh400-1000
Footwear30-40 lakh800-1200

4. Education

Business is progressing day by day in the field of education. In this, you can take franchises in many sectors like schools, coaching centers, training centers.

The most important thing that comes in this is that the quality of education should be better, because without it there is no meaning.

1. Coaching Centre

You can take franchisees from school students to companies working in Engineering, Medical or Management –

  • Investment: 2-5 lakh
  • Space: 1,000-4,000 sq ft

2. Skill Development Centre

In this, you can take franchisees training in Computer Training, Handicraft, Repairing or English Speaking –

  • Investment: 50,000-5 lakh
  • Space: 4000-600 sq ft

3. Vehicle Training Centre

From the young to the elderly, today everyone wants to drive a car or bike, so teaching people how to drive can also become your source of income –

  • Investment: 20-45 lakh
  • Space: 3000-6,000 sq ft

5. Retail Business

There are a lot of brands in the market who sell their goods to the people by making Networking or Chain System.

Today the retail sector is meeting all the needs from food to drink and to everyday needs.

In this you can open many franchises like Brand Outlet, Grocery Store or Supermarket.


In this sector, you can take franchise of a company selling goods for domestic needs –

  • Investment: 10-20 lakhs
  • Space: 200-400 sq ft

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2. Supermarket

Easy Day and D Mart have proved that in today’s online world even millions can be earned from supermarket franchisees –

  • Investment: 40 lakh – 1 Crore
  • Space: 1500-10000 sq ft

3. Consumer Electronics and Appliances

In this, a franchisee of a company that makes electric goods for the home can be taken, along with this you will be able to earn money by offering good service of electronic products –

  • Investment – 20-30 lakhs
  • Space: 1500-2000 sq ft

6. Garage & Service Center

The Service Center or Garage should be in an open and large place and it would be better to reach it easily.

You can take car, bike or commercial vehicle service or parts, engine oil, tire company franchise.

1. Car Wash

Car wash garages can also be opened at small places and low investment, this franchise is very successful especially in metro cities –

  • Investment: 15-25 lakh
  • Space: 1500-2500 sq ft

2. Service Center

Franchises of vehicle companies can be taken, where you can open their Authorized Service Center –

  • Investment: 5-15 lakh
  • Space: 1500-3500 sq ft

3. Spare Parts Outlet

  • Investment: 15-20 lakh
  • Space: 500-700 sq ft

7. Hotel & Tourism

For the hotel, the franchisee should be close to a tourist spot or there should also be means of transport.

Because this entire business is based on franchise service, therefore your services should be better.

1. Travel Agency

There is a lot of scope of business in transport, franchisees of companies providing Holiday or Tour Package can be taken –

  • Investment: 20-50 lakhs
  • Space: 400-700 sq ft

2. Hotel and Resort

Hotels or resort companies also offer franchises, with the advent of online companies in this area, business prospects have increased considerably –

  • Investment: 50 lakh-2 crore
  • Space: 2500-5000 sq ft

3. Taxi and Rental

You can start Rental Taxi Service, many Online Cabs Companies offer franchisees to run taxis in the market –

  • Investment: 15-30 lakh
  • Space: 500-1000 sq ft


A large space is needed to open a franchise in this area. You can take the showroom or dealership of a car, bike or commercial vehicle, it is necessary that the franchisee is in the residential area.

1. Bike Showroom

Almost all bike companies in the market offer franchisees –

  • Investment: 30-60 lakh
  • Space: 800-1000 sq ft

2. Car Showroom

For franchisees of domestic or foreign car companies –

  • Investment: 30-90 lakh
  • Space: 1200-2000 sq ft

3. Commercial Vehicle

Business can also be done by taking franchisees of commercial vehicles like Truck, Tractor, Pick-Up Van –

  • Investment: 30-50 lakh
  • Space: 1200-2000 sq ft

8. IT Services

To take franchise of Software, Advertisement Agency or Investment companies, it is necessary that you have a place in the market or urban area –

1. Advertisement and Media

You can also earn income by advertising your client’s products or services –

  • Investment: 5-15 lakh
  • Space: 500-1500 sq ft

2. Logistics

It is also beneficial to take a franchisee of Courier or Delivery service. Business can be carried forward with better network and time management –

  • Investment: 10-30 lakh
  • Space: 500-700 sq ft

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3. IT Services

  • Investment: 5-25 lakh
  • Space: 500-1500 sq ft

4. Consultancy

By providing Manpower to a company, you can earn Profit from them –

  • Investment: 5-15 lakh
  • Space: 500-1500 sq ft

5. Financial

You can do business of franchise of company investing in Stock or Commodity Market –

  • Investment: 5-10 lakh
  • Space: 500-1000 sq ft

9. Dealer & Distributors

You can take dealership of a good company, for this you will have to sell the product of that company.

Taking a franchisee in this sector is very beneficial as well as you can start its work at your home or somewhere from Godown.

1. Office Supplies

Franchising of stationary items used in office is a good option –

  • Investment: 4-8 lakh
  • Space: 500-700 sq ft

2. Home Supplies

Franchising of home supplies like gas, water or grocery items is also a good business –

  • Investment: 5-8 lakh
  • Space: 500-1000 sq ft

3. Medical and Hospital Supplies

In this, you can open a franchisee of a company that provides medicines or surgical equipment –

  • Investment: 5-10 lakh
  • Space: 500-1000 sq ft

4. Building & Construction

In this you can open franchise of Cement, Steel Road, Tiles or Marble –

  • Investment: 5-15 lakh
  • Space: 700-1200 sq ft

So far in above section we have discussed the common but effective small business ideas in India.Now lets come to some unique and upcoming business ideas which will increase your business success ratio.Normally what happens people start the traditional business and face to big competition,therefore it becomes very difficult make profit out of it.We believe the below business ideas will definitely help to make more money.

10. Social Impact Investment Fund

Social influence is becoming a priority in India because consumers are intelligent, and know what they use and how it affects on them and the planet. This business idea involves creating a fund from different groups of investors that will invest in a venture that will positively impact the earth.Social influences are in high demand in India, rather than just building a business that makes money, because of the wealth of the people.

11. Cheap Home Solar Energy Setup Company

There is a huge opportunity for residents in India to save their power and save money. For this idea, you will buy and install solar equipment for people to install on their roofs or balconies, as the apartment is now famous for living.To get started, you can start by finding 10 people who are interested in the service and who will pay it before the work is done, and then you have the money to buy solar panels. .

12. Energy Supply Control / Generator Power Supply

Inspired by the previous business idea of ​​installing domestic solar panels. This business idea involves developing electric generators that can store extra electricity for a small community. For this idea, one can go to different groups in cities or towns of India to find those who need it.For India, this business idea is emerging fast.People need reliable power supply on emergency and the modern generator could be a great business opportunity.

13. Better Internet infrastructure Service Provider

There is a significant growing demand for stronger and better internet all over India. However, at the moment there are multiple providers, who claims to provide good speed of the Internet in rural India but ultimately they failed to provide such service. You can optimize your service and offer high speed internet facility to local as well people throughout the country.While this business idea is not cheap, it will have a very positive effect on people and can make a lot of money.

14. Indian Culture Oriented E-Commerce Niche Store

E-commerce is growing rapidly. This is mainly due to cheaper labor and access to goods. Another main reason is you can export goods reducing international shipping cost. This business idea is specifically related to the sale of cultural items for India.Many people around the world value Indian culture, many want to have authentic pieces of art in their homes. To accomplish this, you can solve this problem by setting up an e-commerce store. The company will be low cost to get started, and you can get started by partnering with your favorite street vendors.

15 Warehousing & Inventory Management for e-commerce

The e-commerce warehouse management company will provide a supply of e-commerce stores. Instead of setting up an e-commerce store,you can go for distribution channel, purchasing fleet trucks and warehouses to store goods. The company will do it all for them.

You can start by buying large plots of land to hold people’s goods. Then use a shipping company to send them to the places they need to go. It can make money from warehousing merchant goods. Also, you can charge for each item shipped. It’s a huge business idea, but it also has the potential to make a lot of money.

16. Delivery Shipping solution company

In India, many shipping companies are having great difficulty in providing delivery services in some rural areas. The road construction is not well developed, or it is far from everything. With this idea, you can provide last mile delivery solutions by setting up a warehouse along the city limits.

Once the other shipping company gets there, you use the last mile of the journey. You cover places where regular shipping companies are not willing to do.The company will need some investment to fund a vehicle or drone for the final mile, as well as a warehouse on the city.

17. Mobile wallet payment solution

Cash payment is most common payment method for commercial transactions in India. People are more comfortable using cash than other payment methods. So far. In this era the development of mobile payment solutions is perfect for growth.

A significant portion of the population owns smartphones, and relies on them to communicate, explore and watch entertainment.This business idea will require a decent amount of start-up capital. however, as it is directed to business in India, there is a wealth of programmers and coders that can be accessed. Making initial costs lower and more reasonable.

18. E-commerce stores compliance and rules management service

E-commerce business ideas are ready to fly in India due to many factors that positively affect the market. In addition, there are many rules and regulations that need to be followed. The company will provide solutions to other e-commerce companies so that they can operate legally.

Because the government is always on the lookout for new laws to implement in the business environment, this idea will help many more entrepreneurs to follow and navigate the realm of rules.This is a low cost business idea that can only be run by yourself and the industry using your knowledge.

19. Home / Builder Consultant with super technology

The Government of India has released plans to support the development and innovation of Internet technology. You help people to build their homes in more better way.Home owners or building constructors will be ready to take help of modern technology.

You will work with developers or existing homeowners to change the location to a location that is automated to their liking. Transforming their regular home into a smart home.This business ideas will cost less to start, as the components for an IoT installation are quite cheap, and you can find clients who will pay you for the services.

20. Solar Electrical Smart Grid Company (IOT)

Growing need for support for the IoT market and more reliable power resources, Solar Electrical is a great opportunity to provide smart grids. The company will set up an Internet network and sensors for each home or building connected to the electrical grid. From there, power consumption can be monitored from a distance.

21. Working as a TV Ad Specialist Company

Advertising on TV would never be an old fashion of marketing.People love to watch TV programs and spend hours to watch TV ad too. It reminds that you have opportunity to start your business that specialize creating and managing TV ads. This will include creating ads that will run on TV for the company.

You can start contacting companies that are already running ads on TV, or you can go to those who do not have ads on TV and they can be your clients. There is no sign of slowing down the use of TV in India so it is a good business idea.Initial costs will include studio space, green screens, cameras and lighting to create the ads you need.

22. Mobile Advertising Specialist Company

Mobile phones using pattern in India is very different from United States or Canada.But you can find one similarity that people getting more attached with mobile phones. This offers a business opportunity to develop mobile ads for companies who has not started yet to promote their business.

The idea would be to specialize in creating mobile ads for companies so that they can offer potential customers an effective manner.It can be started as a low cost business idea if you have marketing or advertising skills. You don’t need much investment to create mobile ads.

23. Biometric Sensor Company

Biometric sensors are the type of sensor that scans your eye or your finger to identify a person. The growing need for high security measures and the Internet technology pushes to enroll in Biometric verification.Now for the Government of Indi,it will be a time taking process until people get biometric sensors devices in everywhere.

This business idea will develop and sell sensors that will install them in products or services. This will require a medium-sized investment to make it happen as one has to rent or build facilities.However, there can be huge financial rewards because multinational companies are more likely to want to do business with you because they use biometric sensors more and more

24. Delivery service via Drone

As mentioned earlier, there is a demand for shipping services outside the big cities. Demand for this special delivery growing rapidly.Drones are now more powerful that they can lift up large parcels and goods.You can utilize drones to start this new business.

25. Blockchain Laser for Shipping and Border Customs

Another blockchain technology,this time it is designed to help speed up and build the efficient speed of the border. With India’s large export economy, there are many exports that are open and checked to avoid drug trafficking.

With blockchain ledgers for shipping, companies register each package shipped with the blockchain. It provides data like who owns it, what it is, and where it is going without opening the package. This will save a lot of time and money.

To implement this business idea, you require blockchain technology knoweldge and how it works. Once cobtained, one can reach out to various e-commerce companies as potential customers to help send along, and make more money.

26. Cyber ​​Attack Prevention services

DDoS attacks (where hackers send so much traffic to a website that it crashes the server) are becoming a major threat to some businesses in India. With the rapid growth of the Internet across the country, more and more hackers are targeting companies.

This idea solves this problem by creating a company that can ddos attacks and prevent them from happening in the first place. While some firms are already doing this, there is plenty of room for money in this area. This will be a medium cost business due to the server space that will be needed, as well as the software and coding needed to build a DDOS prevention company. However, the manufacturer can charge a lot of money for the service as they can lose thousands of dollars in a few hours if their website goes down.

27. Website Designer

This business idea is not revolutionary, it has already happened, but it is in high demand. Building websites for your stores or for small businesses is a first step of success. Web designers need to help them because not all small business owners want to do it themselves.The company startup will be less expensive as you will need some web designing skills and a computer company. Next, you can start by visiting every local business in your town to see if you can help them.

28. Online conversion specialist

Online conversion suites best for growing demand and the need for small business customers to connect online.A company that specializes in conversion and boost sales.Many webmasters are struggling online to get customers just because lack of conversion skills.

Similar to the web designer’s business idea, it’s a low-cost idea that can be run with the knowledge of how to showcase product and create pages that turn people into buyers. This is different from the web designer business idea because you will be working primarily on websites that want to convert their existing traffic into more sales.

29. Website to App Conversion Company

With the rise of smartphones and the availability of more internet bandwidth, the demand for converting their websites or web apps into native mobile applications is increasing. This is not an easy process, so this business idea for India will make it easier for business owners.

If you already have knowledge of coding and how to build apps, this would be a low cost business idea. Also, with a significant number of programmers having access, it would not be difficult to find a partner for this business idea to keep things low.

30. WiFi installation service provider

The Government of India is spending a lot of time and money to improve Internet access for all. With this support, there is great potential for growth in providing Wi-Fi Internet solutions, as mobile phones become faster and customers demand the Internet everywhere. The company can start at a lower price because it is cheaper to buy supplies to install a WiFi router

To implement this business idea start with a lot of foot traffic to public malls and areas. Talk to the owners and see if there is a deal for you to be a wifi hotspot. Once established, you can sell its access and the data you receive from it to people for free use. Otherwise, a subscription or per minute charge may apply.

31. Complete IT solution

IT is a company that serves all the servers and space that other companies can outsource. It is gaining popularity due to its high level of IT professionals who can manage hardware and equipment.

This is a low cost business, starting with just a few of your customers with a few servers, computers and pieces of technology. As you get older and grow, the company may continue to buy more supplies. It is also a great business idea for India due to its cheap equipment that can be obtained for use in IT companies.

32. Health Record Digitization (Blockchain)

It is now necessary to access the medical records of multiple doctors for different places. For example, a patient may use the doctor for a short time, then send and switch doctors because of the proximity. Then there is the problem of starting a new medical file or getting a previous file from a doctor, which can never happen.

The company will establish medical records that can be safely and efficiently shared between registered physicians. The great thing is that patients and doctors will be able to see who last accessed their files. Because blockchain technology is so new, and the amount of health records is huge, it will take some significant investment to build this company. However, with any big investment comes a big return.

33. Disaster Relief mobile App Location Finder

Mobile app for Disaster Relief is a great service that you can offer to people. You not only help people with your service but earn a good income out of it. The Tectonic Plate Finder will use sensors in the tallest buildings, including areas on plate tectonics and storm potential. This way, when a distress signal starts to appear, the sensors detect it and send messages to users to take appropriate action.

Second, it sends a location signal to everyone in your family to let them know where you are. Building the app yourself won’t require much investment, however, setting up the sensors will be an expensive part. To make money, you can charge a subscription service, as it provides peace of mind for people with disasters.

34. Skyscraper Greenhouse

With the increase in population and density of the city, land is becoming a scarce resource. It makes communities cheaper and more secure. There is a problem in providing fresh vegetables and fruits properly. Greenhouses that are vertical, like a Skyscraper, can produce many layers of different fruits and vegetables, using a building to produce produce for a city or town.

This will reduce transportation costs, allow for fresh food and take up less space than traditional farms. In addition, over time, robots can manage each level of convenience, combining sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, etc., to enhance the overall product.

35. Vinyl Record Developer

If you are interested in the music industry, this is a great business idea for India.Vinyl Records hit the highest sales level in their history. It shows that there is a strong place in India.

Someone will set up a small shop or warehouse for this company to develop and print vinyl records. There aren’t a lot of people out there who do this to provide a better audience. So the investment will be related to the machines that can do it.

36. E-Commerce Vinyl Record Store

Continuing the trend of e-commerce trends and vinyl records, it sells very few or popular vinyl records per online vinyl record store. If you can find a manufacturer anywhere in India, you will be able to get cheap records and sell them for high prices all over the world. It’s a low-cost business idea that almost anyone can implement if they have a passion for vinyl records.

37. Peer to Peer Business Landing Company

Peer lending peer is a great business model because it can help communities and individuals who need loans the most, as well as not costing a significant amount to get started. This is in high demand as not everyone wants or can afford a bank loan, so a peer-to-peer lending platform is great.

Investors would put their money into loans and get a good interest rate. This is an alternative investment firm. To get started, you’ll start by creating a secure platform where people can upload ways to create profiles with the right credit scores for themselves.

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We tried to cover best and small business ideas in India in this article.However,some business may require large investment but provide high return.If you need any help ,you can contact us or comment below.We will try to help as much as possible.Thank you